BI and Data Visualization

BI and Data Visualization

TAKE Enterprise Services Inc. welcomes businesses to embark on an interesting journey of data discovery and exploration that promises to be rich in content and visually compelling. Through its BI and Data Visualization services, the company provides end-to-end solutions for handling disparate data to offer reliable dashboard reporting.

As businesses increasingly demand for matured and compelling representation of data for faster and better analysis and querying, fever charts, sparklines, heat maps and infographics have become the common parlance of the modern day business language. In keeping with the growing demands, TAKE Enterprise Services Inc. deploys customized BI solutions that are interactive, manipulative, intuitive and add value to the business.

The strategic confluence of our brilliant data analysts, experience and IT expertise has helped the company put together advanced software tools for Data Visualization. Creation of centralized repositories makes for easy availability and synchronization of data and provides for updations and changes in real time. Solutions are based on complex algorithms and tested across complex use cases. Superior data analysis helps in informed decision making for optimized productivity and performance.

Business Intelligence has the transformational power of transforming data into insights and actionable information. This when rightly understood, interpreted and implemented helps in faster and more accurate decision making and predictions leading to profitable market expansions, market capture and preparedness to encash new and emerging opportunities. Also, making the information available to the right people at the right time accelerates calculated risk taking and faster time-to-market capabilities.

Data Visualization makes the analytics of BI tangible, easy to understand and interpret with its graphical representations. Rising over and above the typical and mundane reporting it elevates itself to manage copious amounts of unrelated data from a number of sources to unearth hidden patterns, establish unknown relationships and map an avalanche of questions to the right answers. It helps understand and predict consumer behavior, the factors that influence them and how to encash the same for up-selling and cross-selling. Shortcomings in business processes are identified and measures to correct them are suggested based on analysis.

By amalgamating the transformational power of Business Intelligence, the graphical viewpoints of Data Visualization and throwing into the works the competency in Big Data and Data Analytics, TAKE Enterprise Services Inc. offers exceptional delivery models with tools and dashboards to be in sync with the specific business requirements and objectives of the Client. Our expertise can be extended to identify frauds, map and predict their patterns to prevent the occurrence of the same. Training is also provided on the efficient use of the dashboards to derive the maximum output and benefits.

Each of the solutions is designed based on a deep understanding and study of the Client business processes and their objectives. Companies sit on a goldmine of data assets, mining and transforming it into a valuable revenue generating asset is TAKE Enterprise Services Inc. prerogative and hallmark.

TAKE ES Advantages:

  • Quick and easy access to analyzed information
  • Visualize relationships and patterns
  • Identify, predict emerging trends
  • Market preparedness
  • Dashboard to manipulate data at real time
  • Speeds up the decision making process
  • Enhanced comprehensibility of information
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Discovery and capture of new and emerging markets
  • Understanding and predicting customer behavior

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