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Big Data Analytics:

TAKE Enterprise Services Inc. through its offering of expertise in Big Data Analytics plays a pivotal role in spawning information driven business models. The actionable insights lend a competitive advantage in creating new growth opportunities and improved decision making capabilities for NextGen business economics.

The Company’s superior analytics score over the conventional BI solutions in terms of speed and efficiency in examining copious amounts of data to unravel hidden patterns and unexplored avenues, unknown correlations, current market trends, customer preferences, etc,. This when rightly juxtaposed with Information Technology and Business needs, translates to specialized tools and applications for Predictive Analytics, Data and Text Mining, Forecasting and Data Optimization. Succinctly put across, the positive outcomes of TAKE Enterprise Services Inc. analytics are Faster and Prudent decision making, Improved Services, greater Customer Satisfaction, Cost Reduction and efficient Risk Management.

Being at the profitable intersection of People, Processes and Tools our analytics augment the existing framework and lead to enhanced business performance and risk management. Decision taking based on analytics and facts is intricately woven into the business psyche making it the norm rather than an exception. Furthermore, our Clients are rendered highly perceptive to market opportunities and are empowered to take advantage and reap great profits.

Business economics being unpredictable is easily affected, influenced and driven by varying factors. The Internet of Things has changed customer behavior and directly impacted business dynamics. The flip side of IoT is the digital trail left behind each time one uses the computer, phone, app or tablet. Additionally, multichannel marketing and a proliferation of devices has resulted in an unprecedented growth in data. The result – Data Everywhere! Without proper analytics in place, this more often than not ends up as useless silos.

Understanding and mapping of customer preferences leads to predicting behavior patterns and consequent re-strategizing of business objectives for gainful marketing and accurate pitching. TAKE Enterprise Services Inc. puts into clear perspective the silos for real-time targeting – the harbinger of businesses to come.

Scaling our sophisticated data analytical capabilities to greater heights we cover a multitude of diverse verticals from Healthcare to product based industries and have helped in automatically rectifying software errors, scheduling pre-emptive repairs, predicting NextGen customer preferences and making accurate forecasts and predictions. Our capabilities and experience give us the confidence to efficiently handle Client specific analytical tools like Hadoop and the SAP suite.

Moving to the Cloud

Extending its Cloud Computing services, TAKE Enterprise Services Inc. helps move the Big Data to the Cloud for better performance and reliability. Scalability gives the flexibility to meet critical peak time requirements and the needed speed for data crunching. Voluminous data can be stored and analyzed without additional Cost- to- the-Company

TAKE ES Advantage

The advantages of our Predictive and Prescriptive analytics that naturally percolate down to our Clients as a result of enlisting our services can be enumerated as follows:

  • Reduced cost
  • Informed and faster decision making
  • Confident calculated risk taking capability
  • Better customer services
  • Market preparedness and readiness
  • Discovering new avenues
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Enhanced ROI through improved sales
  • Emergence of new marketing strategies
  • Innovative service offerings
  • Competitive edge in outperforming peers

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