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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is fast becoming the new normal and as apprehensions reign supreme, TAKE Enterprise Services Inc. emerges as a single-point-of-contact offering comprehensive and holistic Cloud Computing solutions through its pay-as-you-use model. In addition to providing excellent infrastructural services the company also helps in Management - a huge payoff in doing away with dedicated human resources and optimal staff utilization. The company offers powerful and resilient servers with maximum uptime for mission critical operations. The roadmap for adoption of our Cloud services is designed after careful study of the current operations and mapping with current market trends and business goals.

A large number of businesses big and small have benefitted from the flexibility our Cloud Computing services offer in ramping up and adapting to business needs and changing market trends at optimum cost. We are also the perfect choice for companies wishing to embark on the road to modernization of Legacy IT systems. Companies with high CAPEX specially benefit from our suite of service models as the infrastructural costs are drastically reduced to OPEX.

Key Differentiators

  • Reduced CAPEX and increased efficiency
  • Best in class infrastructure
  • Faster implementations
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Eco Friendly and reduced carbon footprint
  • Optimum resource utilization
  • Business agility
  • Pay-as-you-use
  • Rapid-go-to-market
  • Enhanced staff productivity
  • Security and protection of sensitive information

TAKE Enterprise Services Inc. offers the following Cloud Computing services:

Assessment and Consulting Services

We offer Consulting Services to companies seeking cloud solutions to their existing portfolio through a process of assessment, strategizing and informed decision making. Based on in-depth analysis, lucid understanding and determining cloud readiness, applications are categorized and the right cloud technologies and processes identified for a systematic and methodical implementation. The solutions are in alignment to the business objectives and increased ROI.

Cloud Application Management Services

The company offers a framework for the management of applications throughout their lifecycle in a PaaS cloud environment with the use of open-source API structures based on REST that work on multiple cloud platforms and environments.

Cloud Migration Services

We help accelerate seamless Cloud Migration through industry standard processes and best in class technology to minimize risk, cut costs and optimize performance. Our services also cover migration to public clouds like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, etc.

Cloud Integration Services

Cloud Integration Services allows heterogeneous application programs to communicate with each other directly or through third party softwares. The long term benefits are the scalability in terms of users and applications.

Our Service Models

SaaS (Software as a Service) – Enterprise applications and associated data are hosted on our servers and delivered over the web.

PaaS (Platform as a Service) – Sandwiched in-between the two service models it delivers the ease of SaaS with the potency of IaaS. Tools and services comprising of both hardware and software are provided that speed up application deployment.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) – In this service the resources necessary to run enterprise applications are provided from physical servers, storage and virtual machines to switching and connectivity.

Our Deployment Models

Private Cloud

In the case of Private Cloud or Virtual Private Cloud, the infrastructure is set up exclusively for organizations either on or off the premises and is given the option to self-manage and control. It offers greater security and network bandwidth and is free from legal hassles if any. In terms of economics, the model is especially beneficial to large enterprises.

Public Cloud

Public Clouds are generally easy and inexpensive to set up and offer the advantage of shared economies that is beneficial to small and medium enterprises as the CAPEX is less and affordable. Security is uncompromised and access to data is well controlled.

Hybrid Cloud

As the name suggests the deployment model is a hybrid or a combination of two or more models and is need based. It is a good option for load balancing. Enterprises may also choose to host non-critical processing on public cloud and host business critical processes on private clouds.

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