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Leveraging the latest developments in Communications Technology and astutely harnessing the increasing demand for Mobility, TAKE Enterprise Services Inc. through its bespoke Mobile Solutions has successfully overridden the geographical constraints to make easy and bring to fruition the conduction of ‘Business on the Go – Anytime, Anywhere!’ With more than 50% of business applications predicted to be accessed by BYOD or mobile devices, our Mobile Solutions are an assurance of a Digital Transformation that whilst offering superior user experience also covers a wide spectrum of industries to provide the dynamics for strategizing, creation of new opportunities and increasing revenue.

Digitalization and Consumer are the key operative words that have catalyzed a Digital Transformation causing a paradigm shift in today’s business needs. The vacillating consumer preferences, the demand for interactive experiences across various touchpoints and the need to stay connected have forced businesses to rethink their strategies. The challenge is to come up with a solution which while consistently engaging and appeasing the consumers, retains their loyalty to be in the reckoning amidst stiff competition.

Helping businesses make the smooth leap of transition is TAKE Enterprise Services Inc. with its technical know-how, experience and expertise. Knowing well the criticality of mobility in today’s business scenario, its data centric nature and pivotal user experience, the company follows a roadmap that is driven by business goals and is transformational in outcome. Complex requirements are simplified into easily integratable solutions that are cost-effective and fully meet the requirements of different user groups like the Casual, Professional or the ERP user.

The company offers two pronged service models to enhance consumer experience and design Mobile Ecosystems to chart the growth trajectory of the business by optimizing workforce productivity whether localized or distributed. The models being inherently symbiotic, the Mobile Strategists work at creating new opportunities and tapping into unexplored potentials. The creatively aligned UX/UI designers work at creating rich user experience.

TAKE Enterprise Services Inc. goes the whole length of not merely developing, but also deploying, securing and rendering support services 24x7 to keep the downtime to a minimum. With criss-crossing of sensitive data across the internet, security is paramount and is naturally integral to all the solutions designed by the expert team at TAKE Enterprise Services Inc.. Small Medium businesses, Fortune/Global companies and major business Enterprises have greatly profited from our excellent line of Mobile Solutions that gives them an enviable competitive edge over others.

TAKE Enterprises Mobile Solutions range from Mobile UX/UI Design for enhanced and delightful user experience to Enterprise Mobility. The comprehensive 360o services are:

Custom Application Development:

The company offers its expertise in developing highly customized, high-performance and feature rich applications across Windows, Android, IOS and BlackBerry platforms and also cross-platforms. With greater emphasis on user experiences, our development solutions are innovative, secure, scalable and cost effective. The team thrives on complexities and challenges to deliver the perfect solution on time.

Mobile Collaboration and Communication

With an increasing number of people using mobile devices to do business or work while on the road, TAKE Enterprise Services Inc. offers comprehensive solutions for collaborating across multiple communication devices for seamless and efficient functioning of a business. Our solutions help businesses speak the same language as their workforce for greater productivity.

Enterprise Mobility

The Enterprise Mobility service offers a secure midlevel platform for mobile devices to access enterprise databases with the use of standard technologies like REST, JSON, etc. The servers can be set up on the premises or in a private cloud and is secured with authentication for users and groups.

Mobile Strategy

By clearly defining the objectives, our Mobile Strategists design a blueprint for a mobile environment that goes beyond the ubiquitous app to successfully implement and achieve the corporate objectives. The predominant design driving factor is the creation of world-class user experience for the mobile platform in view of the user behavior as it varies from a PC or a Web.

Mobile UX/UI Design

Ease of use and excellent performance are the prime influencing factors of all UX/UI designs for mobiles, tablets and Smart phones. The company through its UX/UI design expertise takes user experience to an all new heightened level of engagement, user-friendliness and creativity.

Mobile Testing

TAKE Enterprise Services Inc. offers 3600 mobile testing services to ensure the objective of creating the UX/UI design is fulfilled and matches the business objectives. Testing is critical to fine tune the mobile solutions in terms of experience and performance especially in a scenario where the market is flooded with tantalizing apps and the user being impatient and spoilt for choice can quickly shift loyalties affecting businesses negatively.

Our Value Additions:

  • In-depth domain knowledge
  • Strong industry expertise
  • Superior UX/UI designs
  • Customized quick-to-market solutions
  • Easily integratable, fast paced and scalable
  • Optimized productivity

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